Corrine has had over 27 years experience working with clients as a psychic medium. Throughout her career, Corrine has encountered many clients with issues that stemmed from childhood and the subsequent belief systems born of these experiences. As a result, she now conducts Clinical Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy sessions in order to help her clients move beyond their limited perceptions and life experiences. 


It is recommended that you have a view of 3 sessions at the onset, however, this will depend on what the therapy is based on at the time.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is automatically implemented into the hypnotherapy session so we are working on the conscious and subconscious minds together.  

Psychic Readings

Readings can be arranged by appointment, however, these are done separately from any hypnotherapy session. The duration of a reading is approximately one hour at a cost of $100 per reading.

Psychic Readings Clairvoyance Mediumship
Psychic Readings Nelson Bay

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a focus on how the thinking produces emotions which manifests as behaviour. This is an excellent therapy for depression, PTSD, phobia, fear, anxiety etc.


Can anyone be Hypnotised?

According to the World Health Organisation, 90% of the general population can be hypnotised.


I've seen some strange things on t.v..

Clinical hypnotherapy is not for entertainment purposes. You are aware and in control at all times. What you don't see on the entertainment shows is the lead up to the actual show where the hypnotist has carefully chosen his crowd members and these people are in agreement with the program.


How long does a session go for?

The first session will take an hour and a half while all the necessary information is being gathered. Subsequent sessions will only take an hour each.


How much does it cost?

Please contact your Clinical Hypnotherapist for more information.